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Classic Pack

Classic pack is normal packing. Usually, packing materials such as plastic, corrugated carton and shrink wrappers are used. When packing old and bulky items, wooden case will be sufficient unless specified.

Vacuum Pack

vacuum-packVacuum pack is specially recommended for items that are sensitive to environment, specially where our weather is so humid and hot. Some of these items may rust or deformed before they can even leave the factory.Our vacuum paper consist of 5 layers. 2 layers of PE, 1 layer each of LDPE, nylon and aluminium foil paper. Our specification is specially designed for protection against moisture, heat and lighting.

Heat Treatment

heat-treatment1Heat treatment involves the use of heating or chilling, normally to extreme temperatures, to achieve a desired result such as hardening or softening of a material. Heat treatment can also improve the wood with respect to water: lower equilibrium moisture, less moisture deformation, and weather resistance. These processes increase the durability, dimensional stability and hardness of the treated wood by at least one class; however, the treated wood is darkened in colour, and there are changes in certain mechanical characteristics. This specialized service for export-oriented customers requiring ISPM 15 compliance.


Compare with Chemical Methyl Bromide (fumigation), Heat Treatment is safe and effective and has no legal implications since fumigation be phased out of use due to its toxicity and its alleged effects of contributing to the ozone level depletion problem. Fumigation also creates the potential for legal liability for both shipper and manufacturer, as well as creating intolerable health risk for employees and all treated materials does not have a shelf life as compared to Fumigation.It is also important that all heat treated wooden materials should be kept under roof and segregate from non-treated wooden item.


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